The current global economy is extensively competitive, forcing companies to devise strategic approaches to the activities to ensure that they remain in business. For instance, if competition in the local market is too high and unmanageable, with the right resources, a company can shift to the international market. A shift to the international market through exports raises the need for freight forwarding services. The freight forwarding industry in the EU specializes in the movement of cargo across international borders. Freight forwarders operate in various EU countries including Slovakia, Italy and Spain. The freight forwarding industry in Slovakia is competitive and a reliable freight broker is crucial to your business' transportation and logistics needs.

Here’s Why the Freight Forwarding Industry is Crucial to the EU Economy

EU TransportationFreight forwarders make shipping processes easier and quicker

Timeliness is an imperative parameter in the business environment. The faster you can deliver your goods to the market, the better your chances of countering competition and increasing sale volumes. Without freight forwarders, companies would have to oversee all shipping operations, and given their limited knowledge of the freight industry, the process would be quite lengthy and marred with difficulties. The fact that freight forwarders specialize in this kind of work depicts them as the best parties to consult when exporting cargo.

Wide-ranging Knowledge of international markets and transport elements

When moving goods to a new market in a foreign destination, you need all the expertise you can get. With a freight forwarding service provider, you are assured of a partner with the much needed knowledge of foreign transport routes and commercial regulations. Without such expertise, you are bound to experience extensive transport and legal barriers. Companies also obtain important information from freight forwarders regarding potential costs pertinent to the shipping process. Other imperative cost information obtainable from freight forwarders include insurance, port, consular and special documentation fees. Freight Forwarders Act as Intermediaries between Clients and Transport


When you approach a freight forwarding firm, you have to agree on the shipping method, associated costs, date and packaging style before the commencement of relevant activities. After making all necessary arrangements with the client, a freight forwarder handles everything else attributable to the shipping process. The freight forwarder also prepares shipping documentation such as the bill of landing and ensures that all required regulations have been met to the latter. For instance, freight forwarding firms are responsible for making relevant arrangements with custom brokers in the respective foreign destinations; this guarantees adherence to foreign custom regulations.