Logistics PlanningExporters, importers and other companies often require efficient, safe and cost-effective transportation of their merchandise. However, most of them do not have access to private shipping arrangements, and have to hire freight forwarding services. The freight forwarding industry is a dominant export and import transportation service provider for companies within the EU. Slovakia, Spain and Italy are some of the notable examples of countries in which the industry is substantially developed.

The Slovakian freight forwarding industry houses various companies, including HIS Spedition. Spain and Italy also account for some of the largest freight forwarding companies within the EU region. However choosing the right freight forwarder is key in adding value to your supply chain.

Why Do Companies Need Freight Forwarding Services?

The state of affairs in the business or trade industry call for companies to devise effective methods of maintaining a desirable flow of profits and competitiveness. The expansion of markets is a viable approach to growth used by companies to widen their commercial territory and make more sales. The rising demand for imports and exports across international markets make freight forwarding a key a player in global commerce.

But what exactly is the importance of freight forwarding?

The freight forwarding industry provides companies with a quicker and easier solution to the shipping process. Freight forwarders handle everything related to the shipping of your goods; they thus act as intermediaries between your firm and the transport company.

Freight forwarders offer crucial advice to companies on all issues embedded in freight movement, especially across international borders. Given their extensive expertise, freight forwarders ensure that all your shipping documents are in order and that all pertinent requirements are met. Freight forwarding agents or firms also prepare special documentations on behalf of the consignor, the bill of landing is a notable example of the same.

The process of moving cargo to foreign locations can be quite cumbersome, especially if you are unfamiliar with foreign transport protocols. In this case, the best option is to consult a reputable freight forwarder. Professional freight forwarders, having worked in the industry for a considerably long time, have extensive knowledge of transport solutions in foreign destinations. They are also familiar with foreign laws or regulations regarding foreign trade. Most freight forwarders in the EU provide comprehensive logistics service packages and are licensed by the relevant regulation bodies.

With many companies operating within the freight forwarding industry, choosing the right service provider can be quite challenging. A professional service provider should provide cost-effective and timely services. Contact HIS Spedition to discuss your freight forwarding and logistics needs today!

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